We go for Currently Value-Ennovated Technology products! Together!

Where now and how?

Michelangelo, the Italian ENGINEER as well as sculptor, painter, architect, and poet left a number of works during the Renaissance. Many of his engineering artworks were realized in 200 or 300 years and being still used after modification. His river is still rolling and rolling but, in 21st century, productionization of a new concept or an invention is being done for a couple of years or even several months. Now new rivers are gurgling, and some of big vessels are tossed around. How will other vessels and boats surf on the troubled water?


In Europe we are specialized in importing, exporting, developing markets for niche and quality products of electronics including digital signage and mobile devices as well as machinery and chemical parts concerned.

Why us

We have a lot of knowledge and experience with the products in the perspective of the technical trends, the products available in and outside Europe, market and customer requirements.

Get in a right partner

It is so important to go on with the right partner. Just trial and error approach into a new marketplace will take time and leave an aftermath, sometimes, unrecoverable.